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R&B, Rock & Soul

all find a voice in singer/songwriter Kathleen Burgoon as she breaks into the music world with her debut album, Far From Yesterday.

Combining passionate instrumentation, seductive melodies and poetic lyrics her songs will guide you through the facets of relationships and love. Each song is an intimate tale felt by many.

When Kathleen isn’t abroad, she can be seen fronting ‘Kathleen and the International Band’¬†around Southern California.

“Far From Yesterday” Album

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Kathleen is back in America after 8 months of performing around the World. From the Antarctic Circle to the Arctic Circle, throughout South America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the UK, she is back and taking … Continue reading

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“Mic me”

It feels so good to be performing almost nightly. I am entirely in my element and growing with every performance. This is what I have always done and will always do. So, mic me baby! I’ll sing anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

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